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Contributions from members and friends are vital to the ongoing work of the Oberlin Heritage Center. Your donation can help in many ways:

Annual Fund

Our annual fund drive supports ongoing operating expenses which help us to preserve our buildings and collections, pay our staff, and support our mission to preserve and share Oberlin's unique heritage and to make our community a better place to live, learn, work, and visit. If you wish to set-up a pledge payment plan, to be paid in full by December 31, please contact us at (440) 774-1700.

Become an Endowed Life Member
Support the Endowment for Heritage Preservation

All friends of OHC are encouraged to make donations of any size to our Endowment for Heritage Preservation.

Individuals or couples who cumulatively give more than $2000 to OHC's endowments automatically become Endowed Life Members. ELMs receive all the benefits of membership throughout their lifetimes and have the satisfaction of knowing that their invested gift will forever support the Heritage Center's ongoing needs and opportunities.The Pat Murphy Endowment for Heritage Preservation is the fund we are currently growing and it was created to address ongoing maintenance, preservation and conservation of the Oberlin Heritage Center's collections, including its historic buildings. The Fund honors the 22-year career of OHC's first professional executive director, Patricia Murphy.

If you wish to know more about becoming an ELM or to set-up a multi-year automated electronic fund transfer or pledge payment plan, please contact us today at or (440) 774-1700.

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